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Why do Executors Need Support Services

Usually an Executor under-estimates how long it will take to clear the home of its contents...

What some Executors think might take a weekend, the task of clearing out a house almost always takes much much longer.

It can become an overwhelming and even an emotional job, especially if you personally knew the deceased person who has an estate to clear out so you can place the Estate residence  on the market and get it sold. Every item being sorted can become arduous as you believe there might be emotional attachments with the article or item for someone, somewhere. The longer it takes the more emotions can get heightened by family members and beneficiaries pondering the detination of each item sorted.

While groups of these people surrounding you debate almost each and every item, the time it takes grows greatly, and your stress and time investment grows as well.

In the time it takes to declutter, sort, and clear out the contents and furnishings in the home, many costs continue and the total amount for them starts to grow and they can add up quickly.

These include:

  • Mortgage Payments and or Interest Costs Continuing
  • Or Rental Payments Continuing
  • Continuing and Increasing Insurance Costs
  • Potential Insurance cancellation by Insurer with no one living in home
  • Increasing threat of security for the residence and its contents
  • Ongoing Utilities Costs
  • Security Costs, existing or new costs
  • Property Taxes
  • Ongoing Maintenance Costs
  • Potential Storage Costs
  • Potential Lost Rental Income from home or suite.
  • Potential Lost Interest on proceeds from completed home sale

Executors will often try to do everything themselves, or surround themselves with additional family or friends to assist. This is with the intention of saving the Estate money. In reality, their good intentions are actually costing the Estate money.

As an Executor you are an administrator, not a labourer, and certainly you should not be a free labourer. The rules suggest you are not able to reimburse yourself from the estate for your time spent involved with clearing out the contents from a home.

It is physically, financially and emotionally responsible for an Executor to seek out Professional Assistance from Gravity Estate Clearing Solutions Inc, and have the Estate cleared out as soon as possible, using our reimbursable Invoicing that the estate funds can pay back the executor for his out of pocket costs in managing the estate !