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The Process of Estate Clearing


Executor Support Services

First we have a consultation meeting, usually at the Estate Residence that requires clearing of the contents. Typically this would last 1.5 to hours depending on the discussion items.

We begin the decisions of which services you would like Gravity Estate Solutions Inc to provide, or start to provide.

We can meet for further consulation appointments as needed. We can estimate time needed to clear home, and we can provide estimates on preparing the home for sale, including small updates, painting, cleaning, staging, staging decor items to be rented or purchased, etc.

You ask us to clear out the Estate Residence ...

Gravity will serve you either on an hourly basis, or a contract amount basis, a commission on sold items, or a combination of the above, depending on what the Executor and Gravity both decide is the best solution for the upcoming project.

We ask for a signed contract of service for the services you wish for us to perform, we show proof of our insurance and bonding, and we ask you for proof of your Executor or Power of Attorney status on the property being worked upon, or the person being helped.

A retainer is given to cover the upcoming services of Gravity as well as the expected contracted services such as movers or disposal bins or marketing for Estate Sales.

Gravity will provide a detailed Invoice each week of service to the Executor, so the Executor can get his reimbursement from the Estate funds.

The Process of the Estate Clearance

  • We walk through the Estate Residence with the Executor
  • We establish that all personal items or furnishings or art pieces that are bequeathed in the will are removed from the home and distributed, or placed under the control of the Executor.
  • We will seek to have the locks changed to limit who can come and enter the residence, and access the contents, other than the Executor and his Support team, Gravity.
  • We supply a large item inventory list of contents to the Executor.
  • High ticket items are appraised.
  • We declutter and sort the home contents into categories ... saleable items for an Estate Sale, moveable items requested to be stored or moved elsewhere, items that could be given to charity for re-use, items to be sent for recycling, and lastly the disposed items.  
  • All important papers, Invoices, Banking Information and important looking documents or keys  we discover will be separately boxed and given to the Executor for him to control and decipher importance.
  • All photos are boxed and given to the Executor
  • Any articles of value discovered during clearing and sorting process, including currency or jewellery, will be given to the Executor
  • Any non-perishable food items are sent to a local food bank.
  • The complete contents are sorted as discribed above, and the home is cleared out of everything, except if the Estate Sale is held at the residence, in which case only the saleable items are kept for the sale event. In some cases those saleable contents are moved to a separate sales facility for quick sale.
  • Anything remaining is sent to storage upon direction by the Executor, or again sorted to Charity, Women's Shelters, ReUse, Recycled, Possible Staging Use, and finally disposed of.
  • Once home is cleared out, we proceed with initial cleaning of the home.

We Offer the Following Selling Services :

  • Listing the Items for Sale on On-line sites and / or providing the Executor with an Inventory List of Significant items that we deem saleable.
  • Hosting and managing an Estate Sale at residence
  • Arranging items for an auction sale
  • We provide the Executor with Net proceeds of Sales after any commissions and costs of sale

Our Pre-Sale Services :

  • De-Cluttering
  • Sorting of Home Contents and Packing
  • Taking Away non saleable contents to various sites including Charities, Food Banks, Woman's Shelters as well as for ReUse where possible, and recycling from there, and lastly disposal is our last category.

Our post Estate Sale Services :

  • Interior Design Services
  • We will recommend refreshing and updating of home if needed
  • Paint and color recommendations
  • Recommend any updates or maintenance or small renovations to make the home ready to sell into today's real estate market
  • Final Cleaning of the home prior to the Home being staged for sale.
  • We Stage the Home with our Interior designer touch and feel including Furnishings and Decor to improve the home's potential selling price and improve the time on the market