CPPAG Accredited Personal Property Appraisers

We Appraise Personal Property


Whether it be for homes, or for businesses, we are asked to come in and complete professional appraisals for your items, valuing these items at their highest price margin.

Our appraisals will come from certified and accredited and trained professionals as members of CPPAG.

Division of Assets for Divorce and Separation


To create a fair division of assets a 3rd Party Professional Appraisal is useful and in some cases mandatory.

Appraisals of items contribute to a fair valuation when separating items for each spouse.

It allows the proceedings to be more efficient and less acrimonious

Assisting Executors with Bequeathed Asset Valuations


When we are clearing an estate's home contents for Executors, we are always first tasked with separating the bequeathed personal property items from the balance of the home contents that will be liquidated and cleared out.

In some circumstances we are requested by the Executor or Trust Officer to provide a professional appraisal on the bequeathed items. Often this is so there is evidence of whether the share of distribution to each beneficiary can be deemed as "fair".

We appraise personal property and contents


Hidden in the drawers and cabinets may be items of notable value.

In the event of life changing transitions, including death and the wind up of Estates, as well as Family Unit breakups, our clients often request professional appraisals. And sometimes, small items can hold enough significant value to be noted on Personal Property Inventory Lists. An example would be dinnerware made from Silver, or Full China sets, that have real notable value.

Providing Professional Appraisal Reports


We provide reliable professional reports to Insurance Providers, Lawyers, Notaries, Executors, and Business Owners.

We can go as indepth as we are asked to do on asset values, within the constraints of the budget we are given.

So Gravity can keep to items over "x" value, as we should, and we can dig through the drawers, or just stick to the obvious personal property or business assets.

Appraisals for Insurance


Our Company Co- founder, Donna Lillejord,  spent a career in Insurance as both an Insurance Examiner as well as a Commercial Insurance Adjuster. Donna knows how and why Insurance Professionals require proper Asset Valuations in the event of loss, or for the purpose of insuring a potential loss of items that should be scheduled.

Gravity Appraisals can provide Professional Unbiased Asset and Personal Property Appraisals for industry professionals to use in their Insurance Coverage and Loss Evaluations.