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Professional Personal Property Appraisals

We offer professional appraisals of home contents and furnishings for the following: Divorce and Separations.  Assistance to Executors, Trustees and POA's in dividing up bequeathed possessions and assets. 

Bank, Insurance and other institutions requiring professional appraisals for valuations or separation of assets. 

Why Executors Need Support Services

Estate Clearing

*Site visit and discussion with Client of their needs

*We perform a site evaluation.

*Distribute Bequeathed  items.

Determine whether items can be sold, donated or recycled.

Our Clearing Contents and Sorting Process


When heading from a large home into a smaller space or condo.  We will assist you in doing this quickly and efficiently.  Having assistance with this process can alleviate stress and make the downsizing a positive experience.  We also can help with the transition into the new and smaller space

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