Helpful and Caring Assistance and Support Services During Times of Change


  • Executors and POA have the hardest jobs considering they never "applied" for the job.

  • Clearing out Contents of Homes is a difficult task, a thankless task, and a non-reimbursable task when Executors do it themselves.

  • It can take an enormous amount of time and energy to accomplish the clearing of a home's contents.

  • We offer Executors and POA Power Of Attorneys an Invoiced service taking away much of their logistical headaches and burdens, and these services can be reimbursed from the estate. Why do it for free ?


  • During Life Transitions and Down-Sizing, or Family Transitions, these are also times of change that creates the need towards reducing or eliminating the contents from homes. Gravity is here to help you through the process and the enormous task.

We offer professional appraisals of home contents and furnishings when requested.

During the clearing out process we will work on selling what can be sold, within the time frame given, and deliver the net proceeds of sales to the Executor or POA.

Why Executors Need Support Services

De-Clutter, Sort, Organize, Assistance in Selling, Liquidation and Clearing out all of a home's contents.


We declutter the home of its contents, sort out the saleable items and assist with selling those items of value. We help in clearing the rest to charities, second hand outlets, auctions etc.  

 Sorting through treasures, memorabilia, needed papers is difficult enough.     When you bring in all the chaos and clutter of normal life, or sometimes a hoarder's life, it can be a daunting task for almost anyone. Attach emotions to it, and can be near impossible to get through this decluttering and sorting stage.      

But ... it's not just logistics and moving. We know that it is a stressful task, and Gravity offers our service complete with emotional support and guidance as well.

Decluttering staging and clearing of contents, Sorting Packing and Moving, Downsizing, Estate Sales, Home Makoevers, Home Staging in Vancouver, Delta, Surrey, Langley, Coquitlam, Abbotsford, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Richmond, Ladner, Tsawwassen, Maple Ridge, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, and the regions of Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley.

 Providing estate sale services, clearing out contents from homes, sorting, packing and moving services, plus professional home staging services.

Our Clearing Contents and Sorting Process

Updating a Home to Show it at it's Best for selling, or leasing.


  • One of our unique advantages is our Professional Home Staging service.

  • We have excellent Interior Designers and professionally staging the house is an important element for maximizing the sale price of the property, and or selling it quickly, or leasing it quickly, especially when most other homes you will compete with are also now highly likely to be professionally staged too.

  • Our primary operating region is Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley in BC.

  • We know how to make your home look great for buyers in this market. 

  • Donna Lillejord is a wonderful Interior Designer, accredited and trained, and has been successfully involved in renovations, new construction, and staging of homes for sale. 

  • Staging a home is essentially presenting an example to the potential buyer of what the home looks like with a minimal amount of furniture and decor "staged" in various rooms, to give the buyer a view of whether this home, feels like home to them. It does not have to involve a costly investment, but rather our professional picking the right effectively priced or rented cost furniture, with enough color and texture decor touches, to effectively create the image of the home you are trying to sell. This will either speed up the sale, or increase your potential sale price results. 

  • Properly Staging a home can add thousands or tens of thousands of net proceeds to the sale of your home or estate property.

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