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Estate Clearing

Home Contents Clearing

We offer our skills and professionalism in dealing with the large task of clearing a home of its contents. 

Once we have been engaged by the Executor or POA to clear the home or apartment of its contents, we start by identifying bequeathed items and getting them delivered to the Executor. 

Once that has happened, we go to work sorting the contents of the home into valuables, saleables, recyclables, and finally, those items that will require disposal. If requested, we can provide an inventory list of items of noteable value.

This includes jewellery, art, dishes, antiques and furnishings, as well as collectables, and designer clothing.

When we find legal or accounting papers that may be of interest to the Executor, we also set those asside, and personally deliver those document boxes to the POA or Executor.

We go to work selling those items that have reasonable minimums of value, and distribute the net proceeds after selling costs back to the Executor. 

The remaining items we seek charitable organizations to deliver the contents to, or at least make every effort to recycle what we can. 

Estate Contents Clearing

As a Trustee, Executor or POA your job is to be an administrator NOT A LABOURER. The clearing of a home is a very physical, emotional and a time consuming task.

Having a third party clear the home reduces time, expense, stress and conflict.

We assist in the clearing of home contents, distribution or storage of bequeathed items, managing the sale of home contents, donation, recycling and refuse. 

Estate clearing is an expense to the estate, and the costs of clearing can be beared by the Estate and not you personally as the executor or POA.

As a general rule, as professionals we can clear the home of its contents in a much faster time frame than having family members involved struggling and stressing over what to do with each item being taken out of the home.

Part of our goal is to get the contents on the property out of the home, so that the home or apartment can be made ready to sell or to rent out. This will stop expenses from re-occuring each month against the estate, as well as allow the liquidation of the property sooner than later, again to increase the cash value of the estate.

Downsizing and Family Transitions

When transitioning from a larger home into a smaller space or condo we assist you in doing this quickly and efficiently.

Deciding what to take to your new home or your family member's home is challenging. Figuring out what to do with the remaining treasures left behind is also difficult.

  Having assistance with this process can alleviate stress and make the downsizing process a positive experience. 

We at Gravity do this in a caring and compassionate way, and where necessary, we offer free hugs as needed.

Once the home is cleared out, we offer further optional services. We are experts at staging homes to make the property more saleable which normally results in a faster sale, or one at the most effective price possible given the competition in the market at the time.

In today's market, most homes are "staged" to make them easier to sell, so you as an Executor, POA, or family member will want to seriously consider "staging" the property to make it as competitive as possible in the market.

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